Reality Check- the struggle of faith and fear plus The Big Announcement

Let me be real with you for a moment. Is that ok? I don’t want you to get the idea that everything is all rainbows and butterflies. It’s not. This is a very difficult path we’re stepping on. For the most part, we’re trying to walk in faith and continue on into what we feel the Lord is asking of us, while at the same time going against everything that our society tells us is “normal”. We are under no false pretenses thinking this will be easy.

But sometimes, fear strikes.

Tonight as I’m laying in bed, finally resting for a while after one crazy day, it hit me…

Pure terror.

“What are we doing!?!”

“What if this is the biggest mistake of my whole life!?!”

“We’ve already sold everything, so it’s pretty much too late….. We’ll, maybe not. We could just move back in our house… but we won’t be able to pay our bills if we go back, that won’t work.”


I question everything as the warnings of others ring in my ears.

This has to be one of the hardest steps, or leaps, of faith that I’ve ever taken. For most of the time I’m totally convinced that this is what we’re supposed to be doing… But moments come when all that changes and I am overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions.

“What if we fail? What if we come crawling back on our hands and knees!?! I’d be humiliated. Utterly devastated. Completely confused.”

Then I feel a peace. Peace so familiar.

“Everything is ok. I’m in control. My grace is sufficient.”

Sometimes it’s so hard to keep ahold of that!

Everything was a whirlwind! I was giddy inside as I awaited Kris’ call letting me know that he and our oldest son, Mike, made it safely to the “city” we are soon moving to. I knew if I could just write it all out, the ugly truth of deep fear, that I would feel much better!

Soon after hearing from them my mind went on to all the other moving pieces in this puzzle. I thought about how much will change in our lives from now to June 1st. Even though physically I am not well; I’ve been in a flare up for a couple of weeks and the last couple of days have gotten worse- (you can read more about that by clicking here)

But I have been encouraged by what has drastically changed in the lives of Kris and Mike!

Yesterday they drove all the way to our family property in Virginia.

Today they cleaned up some of the property by weed-eating, cleaning up around the cabin

Kris and Mike have some major work cut out for them. This month they are planning to get some big projects started before the whole family arrives at the beginning of June.

The To-Do List

1. Make a driveway to where we are going to build

2. Clean up the property by mowing, cutting and trimming

3. Clean out the cabin and take out all of the drywall damage and leaks and mold from the hurricane that seems to have created a big mess!

4. Get a bunch of firewood started for curing.

5. Find out the best place to install the the well so that we can get that in as soon as possible!

How exciting!?! I can barely contain myself.

How beautiful!?

How peaceful!?

I am beside myself, daydreaming of what next month will be like when we pull onto the property, with everyone back together again, in a new place and the beginning of a new adventure.

I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us!

Keep us in your prayers, that (God willing), our house will sell SOON! We will be moving to Virginia with or without the sale. It is what it is at this point. My momma used to always say, “you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip”. If you have no idea what that means, it means I cannot pay with what I don’t have in the first place. So please join us in faith that no matter what happens, He is always good to us.

Big Announcement:

I am so excited to finally get to tell you guys:

We have a YouTube Channel and a new website!

Click here to go to the website

Click here to to go to the YouTube Channel

The website will make it easier to stay updated because it has everything connected between the blog and the YouTube channel. So if you’d like to subscribe to the website it will streamline everything for you!

Until next time…

Much Love,

Brandy and Kris

The Ugly- RV Living

First, let me just say that I feel like the good far outweighs the bad at this point, however, we can’t just gloss over the negative things because that would paint a false picture of how life is really going. I told you from the start that I would be brutally honest. In my last post I talked about the things that I love about living in a small space. So here it is-

The Ugly: What I Hate About RV Life

1. We’re always right on top of each other. I know that I had this, in a sense, as a positive note in my last post, but the fact remains that being together ALL THE TIME can sometimes be a little….. Well…. annoying.

The “master bedroom” is only about four to five steps away from the couch. (The picture above was taken from me laying in my bed looking out of our bedroom door into the kitchen/living room area.) And yes, that’s a great thing for me when I’m not feeling well so that I can still be a part of everything going on (you can read more about my health issues here and here)… but sometimes it’s not such a good thing. Sometimes we just need our own space and time to be alone. It’s hard to get any privacy when you’re a mere three feet away from the zoo that is happening outside of your “bedroom door”! There’s no escaping chaos living in a tiny house. You are forced to deal with it head on (which is both a positive and a negative).

Sometimes you’re grouchy.

Sometimes you just want to be left alone.

Sometimes you just need 10 minutes by yourself.

In rv life with kids that’s not always the easiest thing to deal with! And there’s no dressing that up and making it pretty.

2. Getting a small space cleaned up is easy. It takes just a few minutes. (Which was also one of my good points). BUT, keeping it clean is a whole different beast!

The problem with tiny spaces is how fast it turns into a train wreck! Dishes in the sink and a few items on the counter makes the whole kitchen a total mess! If just a couple of items aren’t put back into their rightful places, the whole thing looks like trash. There’s no way to get around that. And that brings me to-

3. Finding a home for everything can be pretty difficult! Our travel trailer is small. It doesn’t have enough storage space for all of us. Before we moved in here we culled MAJOR, but even after moving in we’ve had to go back through a few times and continue to pare down. Finding a specific home for each item is absolutely necessary- but difficult!

4. THE SHAKING!!! It’s probably not something you’ve thought about unless you have gone camping in one of these things… but if you’re laying in bed and someone gets up to go to the bathroom- you feel it! And I don’t mean like a little- you feel the whole house bounce with each step! It’s kind of a good thing when you’re trying to get the kids to sleep to be able to immediately know if someone is playing around, but feeling like you’re on a waterbed all the time can get on your nerves!

5. The thing you’re always curious about, but too afraid to ask about

Parental Alone Time

That’s probably the biggest thing we don’t like.

It’s very difficult to be alone together and have some privacy when needed. Without being inappropriate or over-sharing, I’ll just say that you have to be a little creative to work this out and it can be frustrating (pun intended). But it’s a fact of life, and so there’s always a way!

Well, friend, I hope this gave you a look into the ugly side.

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Much Love,


Click the link to read my last post about the good things that I love about rv living “First Month In The RV- living in a tiny house with chronic illness

And here is a follow up video of the kids and Kris giving their opinion on life in the rv

First Month In The RV- living in a tiny house with chronic illness

The month of April has come and gone. We’ve survived! We finished the house remodel, moved into the rv, celebrated Elijah’s birthday, and finally got settled in where we’re staying (a sweet friend is allowing us to park on their beautiful property that is in the city, but feels like the country. It even has a private pond and lots of running space!)

The Lord has been faithful and we have been able to rest and relax a bit. (You can see more about how everything went by clicking this link.)

April was very busy, and a little stressful, but has rounded out quite well. We are so grateful for how everything came together!

How Are We Doing In The Rv?

Well, let me explain first by letting you know that it is NOT a big luxury rv… no, it’s a modest 26 ft pull-behind travel trailer , but it serves us well!

I’m sure that not all of us feel the same way I do, but honestly, I LOVE IT!

Yes we’re cramped.

Yes, our bunkhouse got messed up (read about that here) and we had to adapt and overcome.

Yes, the “kitchen” is the tiniest thing ever, lol.

And Yes, the “living room” is also a bedroom at the moment.

So why am I enjoying myself so much??

  1. We spend a lot more time together! Living in a small space forces us to interact with each other more. There’s not enough space for kids to hide out in their individual bedrooms with their noses stuck in their devices. (That goes for us adults as well ๐Ÿ˜Š). Plain old boredom has been a useful tool in helping us connect, and I’m loving it!

Who wouldn’t be happy spending time with the best kids ever?!

2. In the “old house” I would walk out of my room, past two of the kids’ rooms, down the hallway, past the guest bathroom, and through the living room-just to get to the kitchen. On really bad days that walk was impossible. I would be trapped in my room while life went on without me in the rest of the house. Not only that, but on bad days that I could manage to get to get to the kitchen I would be so overwhelmed by all the things I would see that needed to be done… and the negative self-talk would begin. There wasn’t much I could do to make it better and the rest of the family already had to pull most of my weight on house duties whenever I would have a flare up, so I would eventually get so frustrated with myself that I would just try to ignore the mess and do what I could, which wasn’t always much.

Here in the travel trailer no matter how bad I’m feeling I can at least make it the four steps from my bed to the couch everyday! (I haven’t had a severe flare up yet, PRAISE GOD).

But the thing I love the most…..

I Can Keep It Clean! It only takes about 30 minutes to deep clean this baby! (I’m doing a little dance every time I say that). But seriously, I feel like I got a new chance to feel accomplished about something….

Living with chronic illness can really get you frustrated with your life and truthfully a little judgmental against yourself. Again, in the old house I would get overwhelmed by the sheer size of it. It had nine rooms all together (you can see the house here if you’re interested)

In the smaller (much smaller) space of the travel trailer I can get everything cleaned (well cleaned!) in a short amount of time.

Each morning, after breakfast, I send the kids outside for about a half hour to get out their energy before school and so I can tidy up. I do the dishes, clean the counters, stove and sink. I am able to straighten up the bathroom and couch and sweep the floors! Granted, it is only like 300 sq ft, I think (don’t quote me on that). In just a few minutes I can get the house looking amazing, whereas after thirty minutes in the “regular house” you wouldn’t be able to tell I had done anything!

This has really helped my self esteem and sense of accomplishment!

I am so grateful for this little house on wheels. I have so much more peace here. Last week I told Kris that when we plan the cabin build that I 100% DO NOT want it to be big! A tiny house is exactly what we needed…. maybe not this tiny… a few more square feet on each side would be just enough!

And for the last reason I’m loving this trailer…

3. It forces all of us to get outside. No more bumps on a log watching the big screen all day!

In such a small space, we are forced to have the world as our front yard.

And that makes this momma’s heart oh so happy!

-Life is good-

I pray that you too can fill your day with less stress, more family time, and a stop to smell the roses!

Much Love,


Ps- this has been about what I personally love about the tiny home lifestyle, but stay tuned to hear about some of the not so pretty things that come from living small. Comment below if you’re interested in hearing the kids’ opinions as well!

update: Check out the not so good things that I dislike about rv life in my post The Ugly- RV Living

Weโ€™re back

Hey everyone! It’s been a few weeks, and I know that some of y’all have been wondering what happened to us……

We Finally Finished The House!

We moved the travel trailer to a friends property to wait on the house to sell…

We had to take out part of our fence in order to get the trailer out, which was a lot of hard work!!

And then had to build it back. Uggghhh!

We finally got it out and moved!

I want to say a special thank you to all of those that helped us with the move, you know who you are.

It definitely was NOT an easy day! That night, after breaking fences, loading the trailer, moving the trailer, and getting the trailer parked to its new place, we had to set everything up to be able to get to beds and move around… but it started pouring rain… and the bunkhouse sprung a leak. I guess we needed something to make it a little more interesting!

We had to rip off the paneling to get rid of the wet stuff…..

The whole month of April we FINALLY got settled in and took some time to just relax and spend with the kids and family.

What’s Next?

Tomorrow we have an open house for the old house…. we are praying that the perfect buyer will be there.

Kris and Mike will be headed to the future property in a couple of weeks to start clearing some land.

And the kids and I will be taking some more staycation time.

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Much Love,

Kris and Brandy

I Disappeared

Hey friends!! I hope you are all doing well! I just wanted to make a post letting everyone know that I haven’t forgotten about the blog. We are deeply in the thick of it getting prepared to leave Florida. So much is going on that I haven’t had the time or energy necessary to keep the blog updated……

But don’t worry ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have been taking lots of pictures and videos as we go so that once we get stabilized I can get everyone caught up to speed.

I have been able to make small updates on our Instagram page as well as our Facebook page, so if you want to check that out there is a link to that on the right side bar (if you are using a table top computer) or on the bottom of page (if you are using a smaller device such as a phone or tablet). Hit “like” to be updated on what we post.

We are so excited! Every day we get closer and closer to the Great Florida Exodus. Things are getting so real!

Our house will hit the market this coming week. Please join us in prayer that everything will go smoothly and that we get the profit we need to get settled in Virginia.

A huge thank you and a hug to all of you who are supporting us with love, prayers and encouragement. We appreciate each one of you.

Much Love,

Brandy and Kris