Reality Check- the struggle of faith and fear plus The Big Announcement

Let me be real with you for a moment. Is that ok? I don’t want you to get the idea that everything is all rainbows and butterflies. It’s not. This is a very difficult path we’re stepping on. For the most part, we’re trying to walk in faith and continue on into what we feel the Lord is asking of us, while at the same time going against everything that our society tells us is “normal”. We are under no false pretenses thinking this will be easy.

But sometimes, fear strikes.

Tonight as I’m laying in bed, finally resting for a while after one crazy day, it hit me…

Pure terror.

“What are we doing!?!”

“What if this is the biggest mistake of my whole life!?!”

“We’ve already sold everything, so it’s pretty much too late….. We’ll, maybe not. We could just move back in our house… but we won’t be able to pay our bills if we go back, that won’t work.”


I question everything as the warnings of others ring in my ears.

This has to be one of the hardest steps, or leaps, of faith that I’ve ever taken. For most of the time I’m totally convinced that this is what we’re supposed to be doing… But moments come when all that changes and I am overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions.

“What if we fail? What if we come crawling back on our hands and knees!?! I’d be humiliated. Utterly devastated. Completely confused.”

Then I feel a peace. Peace so familiar.

“Everything is ok. I’m in control. My grace is sufficient.”

Sometimes it’s so hard to keep ahold of that!

Everything was a whirlwind! I was giddy inside as I awaited Kris’ call letting me know that he and our oldest son, Mike, made it safely to the “city” we are soon moving to. I knew if I could just write it all out, the ugly truth of deep fear, that I would feel much better!

Soon after hearing from them my mind went on to all the other moving pieces in this puzzle. I thought about how much will change in our lives from now to June 1st. Even though physically I am not well; I’ve been in a flare up for a couple of weeks and the last couple of days have gotten worse- (you can read more about that by clicking here)

But I have been encouraged by what has drastically changed in the lives of Kris and Mike!

Yesterday they drove all the way to our family property in Virginia.

Today they cleaned up some of the property by weed-eating, cleaning up around the cabin

Kris and Mike have some major work cut out for them. This month they are planning to get some big projects started before the whole family arrives at the beginning of June.

The To-Do List

1. Make a driveway to where we are going to build

2. Clean up the property by mowing, cutting and trimming

3. Clean out the cabin and take out all of the drywall damage and leaks and mold from the hurricane that seems to have created a big mess!

4. Get a bunch of firewood started for curing.

5. Find out the best place to install the the well so that we can get that in as soon as possible!

How exciting!?! I can barely contain myself.

How beautiful!?

How peaceful!?

I am beside myself, daydreaming of what next month will be like when we pull onto the property, with everyone back together again, in a new place and the beginning of a new adventure.

I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us!

Keep us in your prayers, that (God willing), our house will sell SOON! We will be moving to Virginia with or without the sale. It is what it is at this point. My momma used to always say, “you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip”. If you have no idea what that means, it means I cannot pay with what I don’t have in the first place. So please join us in faith that no matter what happens, He is always good to us.

Big Announcement:

I am so excited to finally get to tell you guys:

We have a YouTube Channel and a new website!

Click here to go to the website

Click here to to go to the YouTube Channel

The website will make it easier to stay updated because it has everything connected between the blog and the YouTube channel. So if you’d like to subscribe to the website it will streamline everything for you!

Until next time…

Much Love,

Brandy and Kris