Painting Party!- Moving Update #2

Yesterday we had our painting party. I am so grateful to the wonderful friends that showed up to help! It was definitely a big job that needed many hands.

Last week we spent time preparing each room by clearing them out, filling any holes in the drywall and putting a coat of primer wherever it was needed.

Then on Saturday we got everyone together to paint.

I’d like to thank Trayce for being our photographer this weekend to help me out 🙂


Above is the master bedroom during that process as we got all the furniture cleared out and sold/given away and began priming the walls. And below- Gone are the days of my Moroccan-style gold and red bedroom.


The kids all worked on doing the same with Michael and Daelynn’s room

They got all of the blinds down, walls puttied, primed and painted. Everyone worked really hard and got the job done.

Don and Robert helped to get the green carpet removed in both of the kids bedrooms to prepare the floors for Kris to lay the vinyl floors that match the living room. You can check out that progress by clicking here. 


I helped as much as I could. Slapping a new coat of paint on the bedroom baseboards was a great job for me.

And most importantly…


Kris got the yummy lunch for us all

He also helped in each room, of course, and he has more work to do this week putting in the new floors for the bedrooms.

Everything just got real folks! 

As I lay in my bed last night looking around at the progress and thinking about the busy day, it hit me……..This is really happening. We are really moving. We are taking a huge leap of faith into the vast unknown. To be truthful with you, I’ve been dreaming about the future alot and how I want it to be. BUT, sometimes terror strikes my heart as I take it all in and realize what a huge decision this is. I am not questioning that decision at all, just processing here with you, I guess. We have never lived a status-quo life and so it is not such a shock that we have gotten here. In fact, most of our close friends completely get what we are doing….. though our family has some reservations about it since it is such a big life changing decision and I get that as well.

In all it comes down to this. We have looked at our lives and tried to figure out what to do. With not enough money to stay in our current situation, you can only do two things: either make more money or reduce your overhead. Kris already works so much and so hard that adding anymore would mean he would never rest, never get to spend time with us and his whole life would consist of work to pay for everything he’s missing. This did not coincide with what is a priority for us.

For us family is most important, EVERY TIME.

So what is the logical conclusion?-To reduce the overhead. Everything else, besides our relationships, are just stuff. Just things. They don’t matter.

So where are we now and how does the timeline look?

Well, we are not going to meet our deadline of February 14 to put the house up for sale. We are very close though! We have to finish the painting and the floors. We need some help with what to do in the kitchen, so if you would like to help in anyway, please reach out to us. And this coming up weekend we will be working on painting and floors if you would like to stop by to give a hand.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and prayers. We thank everyone who have helped us in this leg of the journey and hope that you will continue to walk with us as we go forward.

Much Love,



4 thoughts on “Painting Party!- Moving Update #2

    • Mrs. Baird! Thank you so much. I’m so glad to see your comment! I’ve been following your updates and am always glad to see your posts. You are in my prayers. Love Back from Florida 🙂


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