Moving Update: January and February

Whew! The past two weeks have been so busy that I haven’t gotten to update you guys on our progress!

Where are we in the moving process?

This past week Kris and Mike were able to complete the living room and hallway flooring job. This has been months-long in the making! No Joke! Through back-breaking work and late nights it is FINALLY FINISHED.




The flooring job didn’t come easy though….when Kris pulled off the trim from under the windows there was loads of mold and rotten wood that had to be ripped out. I heard an old saying that when you do any home repairs it will take twice as much money and  twice as long as you planned………  I think it may be proving true.

Check out that unexpected damage!



My side of the preparations is going pretty well.

I’ve been going through each room one-by-one, selling or giving away the things we aren’t keeping and then boxing up anything that we want to keep but won’t use immediately. We are going to get storage for those things that we don’t need until the yurt is ready to move in since we will be in the travel trailer for a bit. Lastly, I’ve been organizing the things that we will be taking with us into the trailer. It’s a lot of work, but I actually enjoy doing this part.

There is something so freeing about downsizing and getting parred down to the bare essentials.

We have moved everything that will be going into storage into our library (a small room off of our kitchen)


This picture is very misleading…it seems like a lot of stuff, but it’s more like a 10 by 10 space with things like photo albums, keepsakes, heirlooms, all my canning supplies (of course) and vintage linen from my great-grandmothers….. and my favorite, the china cabinet my sweet “momma” gave me that was her mother’s. It has been restored and is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to fill it with all my natural medicines, each in their own nostalgic jar, with handwritten labels on each one. Ahhhhh to dream is a wonderful thing.

This week we are preparing our walls for our painting party this Saturday. We have been going room by room to take down all nails or screws, repairing any damage to the walls, and putting putty wherever needed. I am also trying to prime any room that needs it so that when our friends and family come to help paint everything is ready to roll (pun intended)

Of course this part is not so fun considering I LOVE color and every room was complete with artwork and loud colors all over the place. It was definitely a “Brandy” house. Slowly getting down to no furniture is quite the challenge!

If you can come help, please do! We need all the able bodies we can get!

Do I sound desperate? 🙂

Still remaining on the to-do list before we can list the house:

  1. re-floor the two big kids’ rooms and the Florida room
  2. finish the new back-splash and counters in the kitchen
  3. repair the drywall under the windows in the living room
  4. put up new trim and baseboards in the living room and hallway
  5. repair the drywall in the little boys’ room

Poor Kris has his work cut out for him, huh?!

So how are we holding up?

Well, honestly, I’m at the point where I am uninterested in ever moving again. I try not to say “never” because I feel like every time I say that God laughs and says “Watch this”, but seriously, my nomad heart is full to the brim. I FINALLY feel like I’m ready to settle down somewhere. I pray that this is it. Anyone that knows me well knows that I can never stay anywhere very long. I get the “itch” for something new every few years. I have never lived for longer than 3 years in the same house since I was 7 years old. It’s just in my blood I think…..

But I am ready to find a place that is “home”. A place I can make all mine. A place that my children and grandchildren will come back to and reminisce about all the good times we had there. A place that Kris and I can grow old together like regular people do…..I’ve never been one to be “regular” but I feel like it is about time to try it out.

Well, I hope this gives you a good idea of how things are going and where we are in this huge process to relocate to Virginia. It is definitely an adventure so far and I pray that you are enjoying walking this out with us. Keep your eye out for much more to come!

Much Love





3 thoughts on “Moving Update: January and February

  1. Oh girl! I know EXACTLY how you are feeling right now. “Can this part just be over already”!?!?! I am excited to see what your “final” adventure turns into. Thanks for keeping us updated! I love you!


    • Exactly! Every other time I have really enjoyed moving…but this time is much different! I’m getting too old for this mess LOL. We are down to the little things that you just want to throw in a trash bag and be done, but it’s never-ending it seems. I am so ready to get this part done! I’m dreaming of the day that we pull up the travel trailer into the driveway, open the door and awning and put my chair right out front.


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